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A live performance is a dangerous thing. Plays are exciting because they’re unpredictable. As much as we prepare, on a certain level, anything can happen. The only thing that has to happen, for the event to be theatre, is human beings coming together to share a space and a story. The theater is one of the few places left where we can gather and share in a communal experience where we can feel the mutuality, the “inescapable garment of destiny” that ties us together.

By entering this program you are beginning a long, hard and immensely gratifying journey of personal enlargement and artistic growth. You do it not merely for your own pleasure or enrichment (though there will be plenty of that), you do it more importantly as a member of a community – as the voice of the outsider longing to be heard, as the eyes of the insider who hasn’t yet seen, as a bridge between the two, as an instrument of compassion.

The workload will be large. The days, weeks and years will be long. Your teachers will challenge you, and you in turn will challenge them. You have been given a great opportunity and you will be asked to give something great back to the world. What that is will be up to you.