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Waterwell is a group of artists, educators and producers dedicated to telling engrossing stories in unexpected ways that deliberately wrestle with complex civic questions.

We create productions that are creatively daring and emotionally potent to cultivate connections across real and perceived divides.

We train young artists, and educators, to create work with an artist-as-citizen ethos as the foundation of their creative process.

We produce our projects using an evolving set of best practices that are influenced by the principles of community organizing. This is part of an investigation about how storytelling can have the most relevance and impact in efforts to create a more just and humane society.

Waterwell is committed to working with kindness and integrity.

Our projects manifest in more than one medium but everything we do is infused with our love of the immediacy of live performance.


As a student of the Waterwell Drama Program, you will grow from the Waterwell ethos of “Artist as Citizen”: a focus on civic-minded arts practice for our community to begin to understand how their theater training relates to their engagement with larger issues facing society. As an artist, you will strive towards empathy and excellence through storytelling and creative expression. As a citizen, you will embody equity and engagement as you explore and create art that can be both a reflection of society and a tool that can be used to change it. Artist as Citizen represents the integration of these values to ensure that your theater education is a gratifying journey of personal enlargement, community building, and artistic growth.

We recognize and engage in the ongoing fight against racism and white supremacy and the way they manifest in the theater industry, art making, and the world of arts education. We define racism as the systemic practice of white superiority over other racial groups and define white supremacy as the belief that only whiteness or the proximity to whiteness is preferred, privileged and rewarded. We cannot underestimate the depth and complexity of facing these injustices, and decolonizing our approach to theater. This will require us as a Waterwell community to pursue intentional, personal and structural shifts to dismantle these systems. We recognize that white supremacy impacts all of us, especially Black, Indigenous, Latinx, MENA, Asian, disabled, and LGBTQIA Americans, and immigrants.

It is our deep belief that our work as artists is to directly change the world through our creative practice. This belief is what we seek to foster in each other. We make theater not merely for our own pleasure or enrichment (though there will be plenty of that), we do it more importantly as members of a community, in order to add a drop to the sea of human happiness and progress. The workload will be rigorous. Your teachers will challenge you, and you in turn will challenge them. You have been given a great opportunity and you will be asked to give something great back to the world. What that is, will be up to you.