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The core values of the Waterwell Drama Program are what we call the 4 E’s: 


To create a space where each student can grow in their artistic development based on their individual access needs. As faculty, equity, at times, may mean providing individualized support catered to the needs of each student. Recognizing that treating all things equally, is not the same as giving each student the opportunity to succeed. As students, equity manifests as approaching your peers and community members with respect, understanding, and kindness.


The personal mission to achieve and perform at your highest level of capability. This mission must be present in all spaces and within all groups to be achieved in whole, as excellence must be pervasive in your personal practice at all times. As faculty, we view excellence not as a fixed point, but as a process of continual growth. As students, we ask you to continually be the best version of yourself, which can and will, change over time.


As students and faculty, we will create theater that is socially, politically, and culturally relevant to the communities we exist within, intersect with, and are adjacent to. This is our audience, and the dialogue we engage in with them is an essential part of the theater making process.


In everything we do, we will strive to work from a place of compassion – actively respecting ourselves, our fellow artists, our faculty, our space and our work. As students and faculty, this shared sense of respect will allow the classroom to become a place of community, where everyone feels safe and supported. This strong sense of community is essential to artistic development.