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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Sarah Kutnowsky (DR ’11)

Name: Sarah Kutnowsky

Where were you born: New York

College: Emerson College

College area of study: Theater Education

First show you ever saw: Beauty and the Beast

Hero: All the brilliant and strong women in my family!

What was your first Waterwell experience: During my senior year of high school PPAS collaborated with Waterwell on a production of Our Town, in which I was lucky enough to play the role of Emily. It had an incredible impact on me.

Pet peeves: Lack of compassion.

Favorite play/musical: I can’t choose a favorite, but I recently saw Bess Wohl’s Small Mouth Sounds and still can’t get over how powerful it was.

Karaoke song: I’m not brave enough to have one!

Favorite New York spots: The Lake in Central Park

What are you reading right now: A sociological study by a man who walked the whole of NYC.

What is your philosophy of art: That it enhances learning and encourages young people to find their unique voice.

Where do you see yourself in ten years: Making a difference through art. 

Give us one piece of advice: Be kind to the earth – it’s the only one we’ve got.