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Alumni News


READ: Aubrey Joseph (DR ’16) on Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger

WDP Alum, Aubrey Joseph, was cast alongside Disney Channel star Olivia Holt to play the title characters of Freeform’s upcoming superhero series “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger”. Aubrey will portray Cloak, aka Tyrone Johnson, whose superpower is to engulf others in (a cloak)…


ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Hana Mastrogiacomo (DR ’12)

Name: Hana Mastrogiacomo Where were you born: Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY Siblings: Yes! I have an older brother. College: Ithaca College College area of study: B.A. Theatre Studies with a minor in Sociology First show you ever saw: Rent on Broadway in 2005 First pet’s name: Flower, the Japanese Fighting…

Mai Ohana


Name: Mai Ohana Where were you born: New York City Siblings: Only one. A twenty-two-year-old older brother named Guy. College: Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts College area of study: Visual Culture and Psychology. I study art history, how art affects us in all areas of…


Hana Mastrogiacomo (DR ’13) directs ‘Fried Bacon’ at Ithaca College

Hana Mastrogiacomo (DR ’13) directs new bold work Fried Bacon for the Macabre Theatre Ensemble at Ithaca College. Fried Bacon is described as an evening of: “Transgender anarchist aliens. Trailer parks. An estranged teenager. Sexual fetishes. Bath salts. And best of all–evening of…


Kirsten Harvey (DR ’13) in ‘The Kitchen’ at Bard College

Kirsten Harvey (DR ’13) plays one of the leads in the production of The Kitchen by Arnold Wesker at Bard College. The Kitchen is a raucous and brilliant social comedy that depicts life in the vast, polyglot kitchen of a major London restaurant.  An…