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READ: Waterwell’s Intern, Agota Petrauskus, Reports on JUNE JULY AUGUST

With a well thought out script written by Sinead Daly and excellent performances from the senior class, Waterwell presents June July August, a suspenseful, dramatic, humorous story about a group of high school students who face the challenges of being teenagers while spending the summer at Camp Timberlake.

Playwright Sinead Daly found a love for theater and writing at a young age. “In the 7th grade I wrote a short story and my teacher said the dialog was amazing so I wrote my first play,” Sinead said. Daly has wanted to write about a teen camp experience for about a year now to test whether she “remembers what this age feels like” and to connect it back to her own camp experience when she was a counselor. However, it’s not always easy to understand the youth nowadays. “It was definitely a challenge writing for this generation,” Daly said, but she sees herself or someone important to her in each one of the characters. “They’re like my friends,” she said, which made it easier to come up with the plot and characters of June July August. It’s more than just a camp story to her; it’s some of her life, some of her memories.

Young actress Arielle Moses, who plays Magdalena in the production, has always had a passion for theater. The idea of putting herself in another person’s shoes is what first drew Arielle to acting. When acting, you get to become someone new, with a different life and personality. “When I was younger I remember realizing acting isn’t real. You pretend to be someone else,” Moses said. Although, for Arielle it didn’t feel like she was completely playing a character in this production. In a way, she saw herself in Magdalena, so she didn’t have to pretend most of the time. “I fell in love when I read about her. She’s artistic, creative, and unique. And I relate to that.” Arielle also got to relive some of her own memories from camp. Being in that same camp setting brought out her creativity, especially playing the role of Magdalena, which requires physical acting since she acts out everything with her hands and props. A few of the scenes are also based on real life events, which made it easier for the actors to perform because they were reminded of their own old camp memories.

June July August will be running at PPAS through April 13th with the talents of the Drama 4 students and Waterwell’s creative team. We would love for you to come join us and share in the experience of this play and maybe walk away remembering your own summers at camp, or your teenage years in general. Camp holds a special place for Sinead and Arielle, along with the other actors, and perhaps it does for you too. Please come out and support this production, which symbolizes those pivotal moments of growing up.

By Agota Petrauskus

Photos by Ryan Jensen